At Beige Tech we embed energy expertise in software

Why Beige Tech?

Energy Data Experts

Our founders have been developing data applications in the Energy sector since early 2000’s. We have also been working in and founding energy retailers for 15+ years. Our not-so-secret skill is building tools that pair our operational experience and knowledge with modern software development best practices. Software is often symbiotic with the people who maintain and use these tools. All such tools are dynamic things and we pride ourselves in how our solutions evolve and grow over time.

Our Services

Why Beige Tech?

We Connect Data

Data often sits in silos, meaning it can take time to access the information you need to make critical decisions. Data is also notoriously difficult to translate into clear, meaningful insights. We help connect data sources, which means instant access to the data and greater transparency to help you understand the why. But connection is only the beginning - you need to turn those numbers into stories and strategies and outcomes. Review how our services and platforms help you connect data.

Our Story

Why Beige Tech?

Turn Numbers into Stories

In the Energy sector, as in many industries, data is the back-bone of your organisation. Gaining acesss, understanding, and then leveraging your data assets is the heart of what we do. We build applications that connect easily to all the silo's of information across your business and give you clear insights to support decision making But these are not just 2021 IT jargon catch-phrases, but the reality of our experience and our expertise. Explore the software tools (platforms) that we have built and are building to see it in action.

Check out Elk

Why Beige Tech?

Turn Data into Advantage

Spreadsheets of numbers do not tell the full story. We convert data into meaningful stories that drive important decision making. Our Platform - Elk, is an example of this. Elk visualises a full year of energy consumption data at a micro and macro level. The radial fingerprint that sits at the heart of Elk is the result of a 10 year process for developing, refining, evolving a visualisation that delivers unique insights. Check out the creatures in our Zoo to see this in practice.

Our Platforms (the Zoo)

Why Beige Tech?

Turn Complex into Simple

We remove the complexity from energy billing. Our expertise and applications effectively manage of millions of invoices sent out each year with thousands of pricing computations. Find out more about how we have achieved this for other retailers below.

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