Meet badger

A Tool to Simplify and Clarify Wholesale Risk Management

<p>What does <em>Badger</em> do?</p>

What does Badger do?

Badger is a tool that simplifies and clarifies wholesale risk management for energy companies. It pulls together load forecasting, customer segments and states, and expectations about future prices in a clear, concise format. Badger's unique scenario analysis feature allows companies to create a portfolio for each trader and compare how each trader manages portfolio risk, helping energy companies make informed decisions about wholesale purchasing.

Why Badger?

Badger can help you understand the difference between being a 'lucky hedger' and a 'smart hedger'. Knowing your position is crucial when it comes to energy hedging. Badger allows you to see your forecast exposure across different jurisdictions and time frames, and provides a comparison between your hedging approach and Badger's auto-hedger.

Badger uses a unique approach to automated hedging that allows you to determine whether gains or losses were due to your skill and excellence, or simply a consequence of being in the right place at the right time.

Integrated with Moose, our energy quoting tool, Badger provides your wholesale energy hedging team with the ability to see what loads are being won. This shortens the information links between sales and hedging, making the process more efficient for your team.

<p><em>Why</em> Badger?</p>

Benefits of Using Badger

<p><em>Manage wholesale risk more efficiently</em> by comparing how each trader manages portfolio risk</p>

Manage wholesale risk more efficiently by comparing how each trader manages portfolio risk

<p><em>Cost savings</em> and a more sustainable business model</p>

Cost savings and a more sustainable business model

<p><em>Simplifies and clarifies</em> the process of wholesale purchasing</p>

Simplifies and clarifies the process of wholesale purchasing

<p><em>Make informed decisions</em> about wholesale purchasing</p>

Make informed decisions about wholesale purchasing

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