Meet beetle

Collect, enrich, investigate, and extend your data

to help better understand your business, make more informed decisions, and capture new opportunities

<p>What does <em>Beetle</em> do?</p>

What does Beetle do?

Data is the lifeblood of modern organisations, and the new capital of our global economy. As a result, there is an unquestionable pressure for companies to seek answers, unlock growth, improve performance, engage meaningfully with customers, and produce higher quality outcomes through mined, analysed, and understood data. Beetle is the answer to unlocking the true potential of your energy data.

Beetle collects energy information from diverse sources, analyses and catalogues it, identifies retail energy errors and exceptions, and prepares data for modern integration extension. This allows your data to be better understood, leading to more informed decisions and ability to leverage your data to extend business capabilities.

Why Beetle?

Beetle is designed to observe, ingest, assess, enrich, reconcile, and prepare data from different sources, enabling our clients to have a more comprehensive extensibility and understanding of their data.

<p><em>Why</em> Beetle?</p>

Extend Capabilities

Using Beetle, our clients have, cost effectively, unlocked and extended the use of their data. Extensions include:

<p>AEMO Life Support</p>

AEMO Life Support

Provides ability for Energy Retailers to support Life Support regulations

Consumer Data Rights
Consumer Data Rights

Acts as the Data Holder repository for retailers to meet their Consumer Data Rights obligations

<p>Enosi Powertracer</p>

Enosi Powertracer

Enables non-invasive integration for retailers to leverage Enosi Powertracer capabilities

Review Data Health

Beetle includes independent, iterative Energy data assessment that reviews a broad spectrum of data validity and execution health. The results help support issue identification, quantification, and remediation. 

Coverage includes Unbilled assessment, Billing accuracy, Financial Responsibility coverage, Market Charges review, Market to System data alignment, Pricing to Tariff alignment, compliance accuracy, and much more

<p>Review Data Health</p>

A Granular Reporting Toolkit to Support Complex Operations

  • Applies our deep understanding of the Energy industry & analytical techniques to augment and enrich your data assets
  • Leverages analytics & insights to uplift business understanding, within Customer acquisition & on-boarding, customer profitability, and customer retention
  • Provides decision support tools to functional business areas, including Sales, Customer Operations, Finance, Credit Collections, and Regulatory & Compliance
<p>A Granular Reporting Toolkit to Support Complex Operations</p>

Benefits of Using Beetle

<p><em>Better visibility</em> of data, and accuracy</p>

Better visibility of data, and accuracy

<p><em>Actionable</em> data trends and insights</p>

Actionable data trends and insights

<p>Extension and non-invasive integration&nbsp;<em>opportunities</em></p>

Extension and non-invasive integration opportunities

<p><em>Assessment</em> of energy process adherence</p>

Assessment of energy process adherence

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