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Identify Patterns in Long-Term Energy Use.

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<p>What does <em>Gecko</em> do?</p>

What does Gecko do?

Gecko is a tool that provides a unique and innovative approach to visualizing energy usage over time that helps to highlight extremes and patterns. Traditional time-series graphs that show energy usage as one long wavy line don't translate the cyclic, seasonal nature of load well. Gecko addresses this issue by layering each day on top of each other in one view, highlighting extreme days distinctly - an important thing to consider for wholesale purchasing.

Why Gecko?

Gecko helps users identify the risks and opportunities associated with a given energy usage profile, or identify differences between extreme load forecast intervals and typical daily load profiles.  It can even provide an industry-leading "before and after solar" visual that their Solar PV customers love.

Gecko is more than just a beautiful visualisation tool; it offers a new way of seeing, interacting with, and understanding critical time series data. With Gecko, you can gain a deeper understanding of your data, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

<p><em>Why</em> Gecko?</p>

Benefits of Using Gecko

<p>Gain a <em>deeper understanding</em> of energy usage patterns</p>

Gain a deeper understanding of energy usage patterns

<p><em>Reduce</em> energy usage</p>

Reduce energy usage

<p>Provides a <em>clear, insightful, and memorable</em> view of load over time</p>

Provides a clear, insightful, and memorable view of load over time

<p><em>Make informed decisions</em> about energy purchasing and consumption</p>

Make informed decisions about energy purchasing and consumption

<p><em>Cost savings</em> and a more sustainable business model</p>

Cost savings and a more sustainable business model

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