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You're in Good Hands.

A symphony of talent and passion

From its humble beginnings in 2018, Beige Tech has flourished into a hub of over 50 creative minds, all united under the banner of a 100% employee-owned enterprise. Our phenomenal team is the cornerstone of our success, the beating heart of this thriving business.

Our founding team —boasts a synergistic partnership that spans over a decade. Beige Tech represents the culmination of their shared vision, a vibrant canvas on which to paint a masterpiece with the talents of other ingenious individuals.

We take immense pride in the nurturing, collaborative environment we've cultivated. Here, every voice matters, and opportunities for growth and development abound.

A tapestry of diverse backgrounds weaves together the fabric of our exceptional team. As impassioned creators, we're steadfastly committed to delivering exceptional quality in all our endeavors. 

Together, we are Beige Tech—innovative, cohesive, and unyieldingly passionate.

Beige Technologies Review

"We founded Beige to build things that we could be proud of in the manner that we enjoyed"

Jesse Warburg

Co-founderBeige Technologies

The Values that Guide Us

Be Curious
Be Curious

Curiosity drives growth and inspires us to seek new information and find innovative solutions.

Seek Solutions
Seek Solutions

We actively seek innovative and effective ways to overcome challenges, and strive to make a positive impact and drive meaningful change in everything we do.

Take Ownership
Take Ownership

Taking responsibility for our actions, being proactive, and being accountable for our commitments.

Choose Openness
Choose Openness

Openness allows for honest communication, fosters trust, and encourages diverse perspectives.

Our Journey

Zoo Establishment

Our first product, Elk, was conceptualised and built. The zoo burst forth into existence!


Playing in the big leagues

Selected implementation partner for 4th largest energy retailers transformation program



The largest transformation program of our collective careers delivered. There were success sirens, and flashing lights!


Our Calling

We yearned to freely express our passion for solving complex software problems, beautifully


Market Recognition

C&I transformation challenge accepted. Revolutionary CORE solution delivered, on time and on budget


Zoo Flourishes

The Zoo welcomed a growing assortment of extraordinary animal apps, igniting imaginations and creating a profound sense of stewardship


Expanding Horizons

Our future is bright; a fantastic team, great leaders, and strong partners help us strive to keep evolving

Beige Logomark

Diverse Team of Visionaires and Innovators

  • Alice Chan

    Junior Data Analyst

    Able to speak four languages(English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. Yes, I am showing off), turns out the one I use the most currently is SQL.

  • Becky Li


    A girl who gets tired of admin work, kicks off a fresh start in the new industry and country. Happy to live in Melbourne and finger crossed to have a vacation in China without isolation one day.

  • Danielle Yang


    What can only be described as a godly being. Personality 100. Developer skills 100. Looks 100. Asian 100. Has the cutest cat 100. Beige was blessed with these godly skills in 2019. Bakes some of the biggest cakes around.

  • Erin Reynolds


    Born in Sydney, but it's safe to say I truly grew up in Melbourne. Since 2016 I’ve filled the void left by the chaos of the Sydney CBD by channeling my energy into a far more predictable avenue - working in the field of Energy.

  • Greg Searle


    I have a wife, three kids and a crazy dog. Work is my down time

  • Isaac Imperial


    Joined Beige as it’s basically like playing Pokemon. You get an assigned animal, execute commands, and utilise energy to clear bugs. 10/10 would fight Caterpie again

  • Jesse Warburg

    Head of Product & Founder

    I grew up in America, but left for Australia in 2004. After working in Sydney for years my wife and I opted for a "tree change" and moved to Hobart in 2008. I was an early employee at Australian Power & Gas where, over 6 years, I learned a lot about tariffs and pricing before moving into the Wholesale team and eventually becoming the lead Trader. I then worked at a series of 2nd and 3rd tier retailers (even co Founding a retailer in 2012...ask me about it over a drink sometime). Between 2015 and Beige's founding in 2018 I built Solar quoting models (early Elk prototypes) and did a wide range of consulting to energy businesses.

  • Lee White

    Managing Director & Founder

    Tyler, the creator? They really mean Lee, the creator. They also call me "big" boss man. No explanation needed, self-explanatory.

  • Lily Liu


    I consider myself a very lucky person - speaks perfect Chinglish, loves to do a perfect job and also makes perfect dumplings. Famous for knowing electricity network tariffs inside and out.

  • Lyndon Embling


    Certified (also certifiable) maths nerd. Started out playing with spreadsheets at an energy company in NZ. Moved into software development; gathering business requirements and writing SQL code. Now I work in software, for the energy industry, helping developers assemble their virtual Meccano. I still play with spreadsheets - mainly for the nostalgia.

  • Marcel Morton


    Really enjoy writing user-friendly and visual user interface and working with the latest javascript libraries. Outside of work, am the typical husband and father who enjoys watching his kids grow and raise their own families one day

  • Nathaniel Sawyer


    Calmest person you'll find, even against mighty calamities such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and last minute panics from the business. Mind palace guarded by two mythical beings - Bobby and Chloe.

  • Nikolaos Kakaronis

    Lead Developer

    Continuous learner who enjoys reading and research about latest technologies, specifically on the area of software engineering and robotics.

  • Paul Ardeljan


    Being energetic about energy since 2013 …does that make me a renewable resource?

  • Ralph Sacdalan


    I've found out that my best skills are adapting to change, absorbing information, and continuously improving

  • Rhys Angelo-Jones


    By some miracle, I managed to find a stable programming job in my small hometown of Whangarei. I have since made the jump to Melbourne where outside of Beige I am pursuing my interest in filmmaking.

  • Sanjeev Maharjan

    Lead Developer

    One of the superheroes at Beige. Some say my powers come from being fed some magic juice when 3 years old.

  • Sovatharo Huy


    Just a casual guy who enjoys tackling challenging problems. I’ve always been passionate about tech and enjoy magically designing and creating solutions. Looking forward to growing and gaining new knowledge and eventually knowing the answer to everything.

  • Tom Haywood

    Technical Analyst

    Rumour has it that my dad had to shave his moustache off the day I was born because mine put his to shame. Waiting for a Marvel movie to be made on the exploits of the ‘Man Behind the Mo’.

  • YaChu Yang

    Developer & Founder

    Smol asian being, but also powerful weight lifter and axe thrower. Competent is an understatement, people often confuse my work as divine blessings.

  • Abhi Asokan


    Pondering if I can call myself a full-stack developer yet. All the way from the south of India. Former youngest member of the team. Old age has snuck up on me.

  • Andrew Vuong


    Started in the Energy Industry in 2016, realised it was not for me and instead wanted to work with animals. Here I am at Beige.

  • Carly Donohue


    The energy industry has called my name from my first day in a call centre doing outbound sales. Since then, I’ve worked with both retailers and outsourcing providers in operational If you’re reading this, you’ve been in a coma for almost 20 years now. We’re trying a new technique. We don’t know where this message will end up in your dream, but we hope it works. Please wake up, we miss you. and technical positions, while building relationships with clients and executives – and forcing everyone to look at pictures of my cat.

  • Daniel Huang


    One day if you cannot find me on Earth then I must be mooning with my coins pumped 1000x

  • Gajendra Dangol

    Platform Engineer

    I love to follow the packet movements with yum piccolo. It has been more than 15 years and never enough.

  • Guy Belsham

    Lead Developer

    I have been building software for a decade with many of the BT team, and am proud of the products and bonds made during the journey.

  • Jack McNamara


    Began my energy journey 7+ years in Brisbane working in a BPO Call Centre for energy retailers, when I was selected to become a tester for a retailers Gas Market Entry - this was the start of my foray into the software life cycle. I remained in ops for several more years, becoming Account Acquisition Manager for Click Energy. Eventually I moved into an App Support role working on Orion, before moving to Agility and eventually Beige, where I became the best tennis table player.

  • Kate O'Brien

    Head of Operations

    Often confused as the Queen of Australia. Like a rapper who spits bars, I spit knowledge and truth and leave everyone in awe. People often ask me instead of google, because I tend to have more answers.

  • Liam Natenzon

    Lead Developer

    Appreciator of all things tech. Love learning about everything new in programming. Biomedical engineer in my past life.

  • Louise Weston


    Started my tech journey in 2020 after working in the museum sector for 7 years, which is where I developed a passion for all things data and information

  • Madeline Savic


    The tallest, whitest girl at Beige. Marshmallows are one of my greatest enemies

  • Monalisa Navaria


    When people learn my name, they think of the painting. But to let you all know, I am a cyborg from the 20th Century, not a stoic from the Renaissance

  • Naufal Basheer

    Lead Architect and Founder

    Also known as the DevOps Ninja of Beige, I am often confused as the human replacement of stack overflow by everyone at work. I would rather be known for my cool 3D prints than all the magic I have to do behind the scene to get everyone up and running

  • Patricia Kondoutsikos


    I fell into the Energy Industry after my first existential crisis over 10 years ago. Sparks flew, I had a light bulb moment & new watt I wanted to do with my life

  • Rahul Lohia


    Another computer guy who happens to drink a lot of coffee too.

  • Ravi Chandiramani

    Head of Development & Founder

    They call me 28-hour god. Because I achieve 28 hours worth of work everyday due to my latent ability where I don't require sleep. Additional 4 hours every day is due to sheer efficiency.

  • Rita Maharjan


    Known as the Code Breaker, keeping developers on their toes. Making sure code is 100% perfect and flawless.

  • Stuart Parker


    One of the developers at Beige whose sole reason for writing good code is so I can go around patting myself on the back and talking about how great it is. You wont find a better ladle to stir the pot with than me. Lifter of heavy things. Resident sour beer connoisseur

  • Tamsin Bromley

    Commercial Analyst

    Maker of problems and occasionally solutions.Taught my self visual basic to automate a role in a past life, and now I make pretty push buttons in excel. More nerd then you; I pride myself on my ability to learn any skill with enough coffee.

  • Victor Ardeljan


    Known for getting things done. Jack of all trades and master of most. Holds the title of 'Best Beard' in every postcode he has passed through.

  • Zac Pullman

    Platform Engineer

    A wet enthusiast from the town of Bangalow, With the power of God and Anime on my side!

Committed to Giving Back

At Beige Tech, we are proud of our ongoing commitment to support charitable and community organisations.

<p>St Kilda Mums</p>

St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums plays a vital role in recycling nursery equipment and baby essentials, providing safety-checked items to families in need, uplifting their spirits and offering practical support.

<p>Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation</p>

Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation aids children born with complex colorectal conditions, ensuring they receive specialized surgical treatments while addressing the psychological challenges these patients and their families may face.

<p>Breast Cancer Network Australia</p>

Breast Cancer Network Australia

The Breast Cancer Network Australia supports those affected by breast cancer to receive the support, information, treatment and care they need.

<p>Kind Hands (Respite Care Cottage)</p>

Kind Hands (Respite Care Cottage)

Kind Hands is a purpose-built cottage, offering Early Childhood Education and Respite Care for children who are aged under 6 years, have a disability and/or are medically fragile and/or are technology dependent.



Minus18 is Australia's charity improving the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth.

<p>Murdoch Children's Research Institute</p>

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Murdoch Children's Research Institute is the largest child health research institute in Australia and in the top three child health research institutes worldwide for research quality and impact.



Save-A-Dog Scheme (SADS) is a community-based not-for-profit animal welfare organisation that saves hundreds of dogs and cats from being killed every year. They have a no-kill philosophy and provide veterinary care to sick or injured animals so they can live out their natural lifespan.

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