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case study

Custom Application for IkeGPS

Our team developed a custom application to replace a legacy system that was lacking end-user controls. Through a collaborative approach, we worked closely with the IkeGPS team to understand their needs and requirements for compatibility with associated systems and existing infrastructure, to make the transition seamless.

Our custom application streamlined operations and introduced new features and functionality, allowing employees to perform tasks that were not possible with the previous system, and allowed clients to manage unique configurations for their business.


In this implementation, our team also worked to move the application to cloud technologies, which provided additional benefits such as increased reliability, scalability, and accessibility. This allowed for easier system maintenance and upgrades, and provided the ability for remote access to the system from any location.

CORE for Alinta Energy
CORE for Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy, Australia’s 4th largest energy retailer, sought to streamline its operations and enhance its growth prospects with the implementation of a CIS capable of supporting their nation wide C&I and Mass Market business.

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